Rekindle the Love: How to Bring the Passion Back into the Relationship

Rekindle the Love: How to Bring the Passion Back into Your Relationship

The years pass by, the chemicals of love have worn out, and we’re not feeling so much excited with each other anymore. We think that in our lives we don’t have enough time to make love or to be passionate. How do we bring that passion back?

1. Clearing out Resentments

If you feel distant from your partner and you find yourself thinking about a whole bunch of little things that are upsetting you about your partner, it is probably time to clear out resentments. Maybe you have stories, or judgments.
Set a date with your partner to clear out resentments. Share how you feel in “I” statements: like “I feel sad that_______”
Speak in a gentle way, not blaming or shaming your partner, just sharing authentically how you feel so you get it out of your chest.

2. Sharing Desires

Express your desires: “I want to_____”. For example “I want to have more fun with you, have more passion with you, I want to create a fantastic relationship with you. Would you join me with that? How can we do things that we feel more excited about? How can we make more time for each other?” Brainstorm ideas with your partner.
Can you make time to have one date together at least once a week that’s only the both of you? Find a way to have quality time alone with each other, and have time to just relax with each other.

3. Connecting and Physical Touch

Can you make it a point that every time you leave the house or come in, you connect for a few seconds with your partner and share a loving hug? Can you make it a point that when you are together, you are holding hands? That you’re sharing some kind of touch? I invite you to include more touch, more body language, more body connection in your relationship.

4. Sharing appreciations

Connect to your heart and share appreciations: “I appreciate that you’re beautiful, I enjoy seeing you in that dress, I appreciate your kindness, that you did this and that…” It’s like making love with your partner’s mind and soul. Make it a habit to share appreciations during the day.

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